Heads or TALES

People talk. It’s the way of the world. They talk about everything and everyone, from the latest fashion trends, politics, money and popular celebrities to the simple clueless girl next door. Their words can be healthy, unhealthy, malicious, good, bad, slanderous, positive, negative, conspiring, uplifting or even downright condescending. It’s no wonder then that of all the weapons in the world, one of the most brutal and deadly is speech. The capacity for speech should be a gift to express our feelings, but somehow, humans have managed to turn this gift, this blessing into a curse, cause for misery.

 I know that you’ve probably heard over and over that words are powerful and it has almost become cliche. What you might not have realised though is just how powerful words really are. Words can kill people even though you hold no gun in your hands, they can fan the embers of dying flames too. Words can wound people in places that arrows cannot reach and science cannot treat, they can heal and inspire as well. 

I grew up believing I was a worthless child and bad child because whenever my father got angry (which was very very often), he’d tell my mother how useless and horrible she, her relatives and her children were. Those words stuck in my young head and every time something went wrong, I’d blame myself, I also got very comfortable with being mediocre..  I mean, if my own father could think I’m no good then I was really no good. 
How many times? 

How many times have you carelessly said hurtful words to people, not putting their feelings into consideration? How many times have you gossiped with another about someone else and said something to destroy their reputation? How many times have you insinuated, come to a conclusion about and voiced things you didn’t do proper research about? 

How many times? 

How many times have you been hurt by something someone said about you or to you? How many times have you wept because someone told you that you weren’t good enough for them? How many times have you felt sad about something Your own family or friends said? 

It’s time to stop spinning negative tales and buy enough yarns to spin positive ones, there’s enough evil on the world, if you cannot alleviate it, don’t add to it. It’s also time to keep our heads up and stop paying attention to the negative tales spun around/about us. 
Heads OR Tales? Your choice to make, but I sincerely hope you choose wisely. 

I absolutely love you. 

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