Why are you afraid? 

Fear deprives you of progress, it stunts you, it stops you from getting the blessings of moving forward. Fear is torment. 

So many people in the world are so afraid, they have this innate feeling that something dangerous or threatening will happen to them or that someone will hurt them. 

You need to get up and move. Fear is bondage. You cannot spend the rest of your life bound when you were made for more. So many times, the steps we fear to take are the steps leading up to glory. When you allow your actions to be governed by fear, then it becomes your master and you it’s servant. Most of the world’s poorest decisions were made while afraid. 

Do not run away from fear, incapacitate it, take away it’s power to harm you or threaten you. Fear messes with your mind. If you fill your mind with faith, hope, love and light (which are all found in the gospel); fear will have no door to walk in through. 

As a person who battled with fear until recently, I can tell you that it cripples you and boxes you into a tight corner making you believe less and less of yourself. It controls your thoughts and embeds itself in your actions. It shows itself in your relationship with people and speaks through your mouth. If you don’t take it by its roots and hurl it out of your life,  you’ll keep going round and round in circles, not amounting to much. 

Stop fear before it stops you. 


  1. Fear is a spirit that tells you that you can never be better, but it’s all lies from the devil, the devil uses fear as a tool to keep a person in captivity. But I have learnt that the dark clouds of fear always disappears when the light of the word of God appears. Awesome write-ups on this blog. God bless the writer though, quite uplifting.

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