Dear Hurtee,

I’d have said good morning but I don’t know the time of day you’d be reading this. I’m relatively new to writing/blogging and I hope we’ll flow sooo well.

My dear hurtee ( most of us are hurting one way or another and I’ve had my share too, I know the feeling), irrespective of what’s happened or is happening right now, I just want you to know God’s aware and He’s got you covered. I didn’t say He’s responsible for your pain or He’s behind it, I’m saying that He knows wassup. It doesn’t matter how long you have had ’em struggles, His arms are open wide and He wants to embrace you, literally not figuratively now. 

Photo Credit: Kierra Washington 
When it seems God is far away and those clouds are dark and threatening to burst open,  when it seems like your head is some seconds away from exploding into different pieces and you cannot hold it in no more, lemme give you a hint, It’s something I’ve done and I still do: I bare it all to God. No forming, no grammar, just plain English and if it’s Yoruba, fine! When I cannot take it anymore, sometimes I scream and I cry and I just tell him exactly what happened and what I don’t like. Trust me, He’s listening and He hears you. It might seem like nothing has changed physically, but trust me you’ll be better for it. God wants to take the burden off you, you should let Him do that. You’ll feel lighter and you’ll definitely sleep better. 

I love the lyrics of this song by Sinach, it ministers to me on a personal level. 

Doesn’t matter what you’re going through

Doesn’t matter how far you’ve gone

God’s arms are always open wide

All you need do is believe

All things are possible when we call on His name 

All  things are possible in Jesus name

Mountains shall crumble

Chains will be broken 

All things are possible 

In Jesus name. 
Please don’t take your eyes of what Christ has done for you and who you are in Him. Choose to believe and stand on His word. He loves you and that settles it! He’s reaching out for you. 

Photo Credit:

These aren’t unrealistic things or fantasies or made up stories, God is the best buddy that anyone can have. You can also talk to a trustworthy friend or mature person about your feelings. Let it out! It’s 100% better than bottling up and dying inside. 

Photo Credit: google

Till next time Boo,

Jesus loves you and that settles it!




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