This has become a very controversial topic amongst youths today. Beauty is considered very important in almost all relationships. Permit me to define the way I understand beauty. It is a combination of a set of charges that are in harmony with correct principles. Beauty had oft times been confused with being attractive yet you can be attractive and not beautiful. Beauty emanates from the inside, no matter how attractive you may look on the outside, you would need true beauty to maintain that attractiveness. 
As a young girl, I never had my parents tell me I was beautiful and trust me this has a way of defining our outlook about our physical appearance. As I continued to grow, I heard people call me ugly because I had a lot of scars on my face as a result of pimples and acne. The very first time someone called me beautiful was in my senior secondary school when a male classmate filled my slumbook. I remember getting home picking the mirror and asking myself what he saw before calling me beautiful. I began to admire my eyes, lips etc and actually believed in that moment that I was beautiful.

After that incidence, I can’t remember hearing that word used on me. By this time, my self esteem was on a zero level. The only thing I really liked about myself was the fact that i could really speak English correctly. I tried to use the correct dictions when speaking and i also could read for Africa (smiles). I was a Christan all these years yet even the scripture that says ‘ I’m wonderfully and fearfully made’ didn’t mean anything to me as I had heard comedians joke about the fact that fearfully means ugly. My turnaround came when I began to understand myself in God. Who I was and the price God paid for me to be His child and gradually my perception of my beauty changed. I began to understand the importance of paying attention to my habits, character and personality. I still struggle some mornings with the thought of whether I’m beautiful but on such days, I look into my heart and I see all the beauty God has blessed me with and yes I’m on cloud nine when I’m through.
So you may ask why then is beauty important?

Beauty is important because it helps you shift focus from constantly being obsessed with your physical appearance to helping you develop your habits, character and personality. Remember Jesus said, its not the things on the outside that defiles a man rather the things that come from the inside. Enhancing the physical appearance alone doesn’t have an impact on your inward person, however developing your habits, character… will in the long run take effect on your physical appearance.
Have you been obsessed with your physical appearance? Decide today to begin focusing on what really matters… Your inner beauty.

Let me know your thoughts on this… 

Thanks for reading.

Written by Kibie Areo


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