Ain’t we all going to hell? 

“Please fasten your seat belts because I’m about to take you on a ride. You’ll laugh at some point, sober up at another point, but most of all, you will think. I hope this post changes your mentality like it changed mine. Oya let’s go. ”

So I’ve lost count of the number of churches I have attended sha. At some point, I changed churches like I was changing underwear. Catholic oh, protestant o, charismatic renewal o, pentecostal o…  I went to all of them. One time, I very nearly became a Muslim…  Like I actually covered my hair and went to the mosque to pray with my friends. Then there was this time I really wanted to be a mermaid or witch, please blame it on Disney, I was really young and my folks were really annoying so I wanted powers to protect myself from their wahala, I devoured all the books I could find on the subject. Let’s not even talk about my journey into atheism because that one is so funny, you’ll start laughing like crazy and people won’t understand why. After trying all of these things, my people, I was confused. 

I went to one church like this,( I won’t mention the name sha, you people like gossip too much) they legit put serious fear in me. The way they kept talking about the wrath of God eh, fam! I gathered all my beautiful smart skirts, trousers and shirts and I poured kerosene and burnt them. I destroyed my weavons and earrings, I cut my really silky relaxed hair and started doing simbi hairstyle. 

Fam, this was what I looked like when I was done. 👇👇👇

They said that my fine clothes and weaves and heels were abominations to God and could make God throw me into hell. My people, it terrified my young heart. I didn’t want to go to hell. I mean really, do you want to? 

After that episode, I began to have issues with some of their teachings, I wanted more and that’s how my tour began oh. See eh, Instead of me to get better, I got worse. Some painted God as this really angry person who was waiting for the slightest mistake to throw us into hell; others painted Him as someone who only exists to add more burdens to the one humans already have; yet others said He was all love and no judgement and even claim justification when they deliberately continue to sin. Each new church I stepped in negated the gospel of the last, making me feel like there are several different gods that Christians worship instead of just one. I mean, how can a kingdom divided against itself stand? 

It’s unfortunate that if you call 10 Christians from 10 states, each will preach a different gospel. So fam, who is wrong and who is right? And if we are all just really wrong, then who are the real tenants of hell?

If you ask a Muslim now, they’ll tell you that Islam is the true religion, an Eckankar person will also tell you that his is the true religion, so will a Buddhist. Even the terrorists that bomb people, is it not because they believe their belief is legit? Don’t even get me started on atheism, they claim they do not believe in any deity, but the very foundation of unbelief rests on belief. That’s why atheists really attack religion. You won’t attack something you really don’t believe in. 

So what if roles were reversed and babies are swapped. Bring up the Christian child in a Muslim home and bring up the Muslim child in a Christian home. I can categorically tell you that those children will grow up strongly defending the belief system they grew up with. Isn’t the real problem that we indoctrinate our children that others are different from them because they believe in something different? Isn’t this really the foundation of hate? We judge others before we even really know them. We place people in stereotypes and then castigate them when they don’t act the way we expect. Excuse me, in what way are you better? Is the creator of the Jew different from the creator of the Gentile? 

It will shock you that when God comes, the mallam down the street will go to heaven while you go to hell because God isn’t seeking religion, He’s seeking relationship. 

And if we continue just the way we are, my people, then ain’t we all just going to hell?

Photo Credits: google and @westafrikanman on instagram. 

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  1. Writer, Thank you for this post. Often times I ask myself; who really is on the right path. Church 1 says A, church 2 says B; Christians we say we are the right and true religion; Muslims think and say other wise; SO REALLY WHO IS ON THE RIGHT PATH? One thing is May God have mercy on us all and lead us right.
    Thank you writer.


  2. Heyy love, I really love this article. Really nice questions asked. The right questions and also a nice method of writing. Tho I don’t see answers. It seems to me like incomplete and eventually unsatisfying…cos it’s stirs up and leaves us suspended. What does God wants relationship *if that is an answer* really mean?


    • Throughout the Bible, God was different things to different people at different points in time. To Abraham, He was friend. Moses could actually talk directly to Him and even see parts of Him that He hadn’t revealed to others before. This speaks of relationship. This people knew that living for God wasn’t a ritual. They worshipped Him, not because he commanded or compelled them to but because they really knew Him. They had deeper revelations of God. What religion does is that it blinds you to the true meaning of things. It binds you to laws and dictates without giving you real access or reasons. Why do you think Jesus was so mad at the Pharisees and Saducees?


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