The world has become more vocal. Everyone is really talking about sexual abuse, everyone but the victims. Most victims are threatened into silence; 

some are afraid of being seen as different or tainted because of their experiences; some feel guilty, thinking they brought it upon themselves in some way; others are too traumatized by the experience; for some others, talking about it would mean reliving the experience in vivid details, sounds and colours and they’d rather stay silent. 

Today’s society has improved so much and proven successful in almost everything else; thanks to new laws, abusers can get punished for their crimes, however, after punishing the perpetrators, what are the arrangements in place for the victims? 

How many hospitals and/or organisations do we have in Africa that are properly equipped to handle Post Traumatic Stress Disorders(PTSD)? How many even have the heart and patience for it? This is why several victims never get healed. After the sad episode(s) in their lives, they push it into the far recesses of their minds and make themselves believe they have truly forgotten and forgiven. 

They think that doing many positive things will cancel out the negative things that happened to them, but this rarely ever pans out. They carry all that pain and anger and might not realise that they are even still carrying it until they get into relationships, get married and have their own kids. 

People who are hurting can hurt other people without even knowing it and then a cycle starts. Being broken is hard enough, but it is a very horrible thing to be broken by the same hands which should have molded you. 

It is important to talk about sexual abuse. We must not sweep it under the carpet. We owe it to every victim that masks his/her pain with fake smiles, we owe it to everyone who didn’t have the courage or strength to ever face the world again, we owe it to our parents who were too ashamed to tell us their own stories and covered their pain with a strict attitude and steely exterior, we owe it to our children, we owe it to several generations yet unborn. 

I’ll be telling the stories of several silent voices begging to be heard by using the lives of 5 people from different walks of life. Kindly follow these stories on my blog and my social media handles Instagram : @idonthidemyscars Facebook Page: idonthidemyscars and Twitter: @idonthidemyscar
Don’t forget to join the conversation and share with as many people as possible. Feel free to DM or Email me your sexual abuse stories, I’d love to meet a warrior. 

I love you. 


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