Sexual Abuse 3 (Rama’s Story) 

Rama’s Story

I’m dying but I don’t want to die. The pain I feel is indescribable, I didn’t know I had this much blood. I’ve been bleeding for what seems to me like hours and it still hasn’t stopped. I’m very weak, the life is trickling out of my body. But I don’t want to die, I want to grow up and be a doctor. 

I’m alone now, Uncle Richard and the man appear to have vanished into thin air. I want my mommy but she isn’t here. She’s never there when I need her. 5 years ago, she brought Uncle Richard into our home and she insisted I call him daddy. She was so enraged when I refused and she punished me. There was something about him that scared me that first day, but of what good is a child’s intuition when adults just do what they want anyway? 

Mommy said I needed a father but I know she was the one who needed validation from a man. She brought the devil into our home. 

I tried so many times to tell her that he was hurting me, that he was touching me in my weewee, that he would pull down his trousers and stuff something thick and funny tasting into my mouth until I almost couldn’t breathe, he’d put the thing in my weewee too. The pain was horrible. Even when I began to limp and I couldn’t hold my pee, mommy didn’t notice. She was busy getting awards at work and flying first-class. 

She’s finally going to notice now that it’s too late. You see, I saw daddy; my real daddy. He hugged me and told me I’ll be with him soon, he said nothing can hurt me anymore now. 

I was a victim and I didn’t get a chance to tell my story, but you are still alive and you can speak out before its too late. 

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