Mommy is a slay Queen. Aunty TY told me so yesterday. Aunty TY is mommy’s best friend. I don’t have a daddy, so after school, I stay with Aunty until mommy closes from work and can pick me up. Sometimes, she doesn’t pick me up until 10pm. She blames it on Lagos traffic. It’s not easy to live on the Mainland and work on the Island. 

Aunty TY is very nice. She buys me a lot of ice-cream, candies and snacks. She also teaches me a lot of new things although some of them are painful at first. She says she is teaching me how to be a slay king. She says that I should bear the pain like a man. At school, my teacher says that I’ll be a man when I turn 18, I have 12 more years until then. Aunty TY is very fat and wiggly, she likes to dance naked on my legs. She takes off my trousers and she touches my thing and puts it in her mouth and then in her body. She seems to like it very much, I don’t. I hate it. 

Mommy and I only talk about how men are scum. Well, she does all the talking, I listen. Sometimes, she also talks about how I’m such a burden on her budget and how I destroyed her plans for her life. She never asks about my day and if I try to tell her anything, she tells me I’m a nuisance and shoos me off to bed. Does mommy hate me? 

When I grow up, I’m going to run away. 

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