Story by Pinky Egbuna. 

  I remember when I was much younger and wanted to have a BMX bicycle 🚴…

How I really wanted those Cinderella gown with caps(the ones that had strings ) for Christmas. Those ones you match with your ‘koikoi’ shoe and socks😂 I also remember growing up as an only girl and wanting bangers for Christmas but got Bisko instead because my parents didn’t want me blowing off my fingers 😒.

Or is it me wanting a boyfriend/husband because everyone was having one?  The list goes on and on… Today, I have had bangers for Christmas. If I even get the opportunity to buy them, I don’t think I would. Not when I can spend same amounts on hot puff-puffs(those made with blended green/red peppers and onion) and then washing it down with a bottle of Fanta/ ginger juice. 😁💕

 I remember a family friend Nne Uche. Whenever she came visiting, she ways either complaining about her kids not functioning well. It was either Uche didn’t want to be useful with himself, or Agatha couldn’t pass jamb. Somewhere along the line, she died. Now, Uche is an employer of Labor. Agatha passed Jamb, graduated as a Lawyer and is married. 

Life has taught me to be patient. To persevere. Everything has its time. Even bible talk am say there is a time to cry and a time to laugh. A time to sow and a time to reap. I see people walk around with their faces like a cloudy weather, worried about problems. Some even die from hypertension, fast forward to few months or years, they wouldn’t even remember the pain/worries. 

I can’t vividly quote the book, chapter and bible verse, but I believe there is a part in the Bible that talks about us taking an example from the birds of the air. They do not sow, yet they constantly feed and chirp. To me, them chirping means they are happy and grateful. Whatever problem you have; Man troubles? Forget it ( na shoulder dem dey put man matter. If e heavy, you drop am). Your child/children behaving badly? Take it easy. They may be acting out their ages. You did same when you were their age. Money issues? Put a smile on your face. The good Lord doesn’t give us problems he knows we can’t handle. And despite our shortcomings, he NEVER turns his back at us…be grateful. Put a smile on your face. Make it permanent. Remember it is easier, cheaper and safer smiling than buying anti wrinkles cream😒😒😒…Just saying though😁

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