Changing the Narrative : Turning your pain into a tool for joy. 

You must have heard that the downfall of a man is not the end of his life. You must also have heard that your background should not put your back on the ground. You see, people are quick to come up with quotes and wise sayings when they are not on your end of the divide. Personally, I think that pain is underrated. Pain is too often portrayed in a bad light, I say this because people highlight all the negative aspects of being in pain, so much so that you try to hide your hurt, you do not want them to know you’re hurting because you do not want to be pitied or perceived as weak. 

I’m here to tell you that good can come from your pain. Pain is good for you. It is perfectly okay to hurt. Bees sting and yet they produce honey. It’s like a woman in labour screaming and crying because of the contractions, travailing. Once the new life in her comes forth, she forgets all about the pain. When she’s in labour, why does she hold on? Why does she stoically bear the pain? It’s because she looks forward to the joy that will be born from that pain. 

You can decide to turn your pain into a tool for finding and fulfilling purpose or a weapon for the destruction of yourself and all the lives attached to yours. The fastest way to turn your pain into a weapon is to refuse to feel it. How do I know this? I spent most of my life living on denial and refusing to accept that I was hurting. I was trying to be strong when I was broken in pieces. Our society tries to ridicule you if you appear weak and so several people spend their lives covering up and pretending, but honey, it’s really okay to be vulnerable and weak and admit that you need help. 

When it comes to healing, I have learnt that it is totally useless to fake it until you make it. Let yourself feel the pain, let yourself accept it and let yourself turn it into another reason why you must succeed in life. Go through those contractions and birth joy. 

Somewhere in that journey that you consider as sad, depressing and hurtful, there is a lesson that will inspire someone. No matter how down on the dumps you think you are, you are the reason someone will look forward to living another day. 
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