I remember when I was about to start this blog and my instagram handle. I was my biggest sceptic. I kept wondering “what do I have to offer anyone? what will I say?  who will listen to me? ”

There I was, a broken girl on a journey to wholeness, a girl who had nothing to offer but her brokenness and her mess. I just wanted to reach out to others and let them know they aren’t alone. I didn’t even have a laptop, I still don’t. Every blog post I’ve ever done, every social media post, every graphic and photo edit, I did on my Tecno phone. I remember telling someone I really look up to about my idea and she was so in support that I was wondering what she saw that I couldn’t see.

It’s almost 3 months since I took this step. No regrets whatsoever. All the time, I get messages from people telling me how I helped shape their perspective, how I inspire them, how I changed their lives or stopped them from doing something horrible; I’m glad. It’s worth it. 

If I never made this move, I’d never have known what I could achieve, how many lives I could touch or change just by creating messages from my mess.

Piece by piece, I’m unveiling the glory in my story, the masterpieces in my broken pieces. You can do this too if you make that move now. 

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