In other words, don’t give up on your dreams because you’ve taken steps that didn’t work out in your favour. Keep stepping, honey. 

When Nelson Mandela was thrown into prison, I’m sure it looked like the end of the road for him, I’m sure that it looked like his dreams had been broken; but guess what? He kept on stepping! 

When you’re broken up in some many pieces and you feel like its impossible to gather yourself together again, when doors are slammed shut in your face, when it looks that there is a casting down; then you must know that you have to go on because when the battle is the fiercest, then victory is close. 

You’ve tried before and it didn’t work?  Awesome! Oya try again. Your dreams are valid, don’t throw them outta the window. 
In other news, this month, we are supporting and partnering with Genesis House, an arm of the Freedom Foundation. 

Genesis House is a place where young females who have been victims of sexual abuse and sexual exploitation are rehabilitated . Genesis House provides safety and protection for these young females, and gives them the opportunity to regain their self-esteem and dignity, whilst empowering them to return to society as productive, self-sufficient individuals.

This initiative is designed to proffer an effective solution to the alarming and growing trend of sexual exploitation, trafficking and commercial sex work among young females.
You can give food items, clothing and undergarments, educational items, footwear, sanitary wares and money. You can also sponsor a girl. Nothing is too little or too much. Do email me at if you’d like to support. 

Watch this video. 

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