…In Sickness and in Health 

Photo Credit: google.com

I was very sickly as a child and I was made to feel like it was my fault that I took ill. I used to blame myself a lot. I wanted to be like our neighbor’s daughters who always looked happy and strong. Other people got sick and had relatives and friends fussing over them and fulfilling their every wish, I was usually on my own. Nobody bought me cookies, chocolates, cakes and roses or even put an extra meat in my soup. I felt like they hated me. My mates would fake illness and get some great pampering and a few days off school, my own case was very different. 

From a very young age, it was drummed into my brain that I wasn’t normal and heaven knows I tried to be. There was nothing I didn’t do to at least feel like I belonged. I’m still not normal and that’s great because since I’m not ordinary, then I can be extraordinary, right? My abnormal is beautiful. 

One of the greatest gifts I’ve received is the knowledge that in sickness and in health, I am beautiful. I know now that being ill might alter my physical appearance, but it doesn’t alter my heart or character. Sickness doesn’t make me less desirable to any good person or stop me from being who I was made to be. 

So if you’re battling illness or any form, physical, mental or emotional; I want you to know that you are very beautiful and you are of great value. 

Hugs and lots of love… 

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