There are some people that will never support, encourage, applaud or cheer you on no matter what awesome thing you do. They’d rather give you 1 million reasons why you can fail at something instead of 1 reason why you can succeed. Pay them no mind. I repeat, pay them no mind! 

You were made for more and you definitely can be more, the major reason why some people never make giant strides is because they surround themselves with pessimists, myopic minds. The problem with myopic minds is they cannot see far. Their minds cannot process how you can be successful at something they tried several times to do and failed woefully at. They might be speaking from their well of experience, but it’s a well filled with gutter water. Would you drink gutter water? 

Why are you limiting yourself because somebody told you that you have to settle? Why be mediocre? 

You need to stop casting your pearls before swine. That mind-blowing idea you had last year, go and dust the scripts and work on it, you’ll be surprised that it’s what the world was waiting for all along. 

When I look back now at all the times I wanted to stop and all the times that I wanted to give up because someone said I couldn’t make it so far, I just laugh. I laugh at the fact that I came so close to quitting without even trying. I laugh at the fact that one of these people that laughed at my vision is my follower now and she doesn’t even know it’s me. Lol. 

See eh, you are solely responsible for how you bring to fruition that vision you have. God has played his part in giving you the vision. Everything you need to bring it to pass is right there inside you. Draw from your own well. 

I know that most of us are looking for money, the people who have money don’t have ten heads oh. It’s only one. Like you and me. Inside you is a goldmine, you need to dig into it. Get deep with yourself and find yourself again. 

I love you. 

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