Some time ago, I made a choice. I chose to look beyond my own suffering, pain and shame. I turned my pain into a fierce passion for the hurting. I gathered all the experience with suffering that I had and I turned it into a reason to love a little better. 

I dug up my greatest strength from my worst moments of vulnerability.

So many times, we are so concentrated on the hugeness of our own situations that we forget to reach out to others around us. What kind of world would it be if everyone only focused on their own giants? What a selfish world it would be. All the great acts in the world were born from selflessness, from a desire to see that people had a better life. I have found that I’m happiest when I’m the reason for the smile on someone’s face. 

You don’t need to have so much before you give to another person, sometimes, a kind word is all that is necessary. Give, whether people deserve it or not. 
What if God didn’t give Jesus? I mean, He had every right to keep his only son to Himself. It’s not like we were even deserving or anything. Yet, He gave. See how He deemed us more important than the life of His own son. Yet, look at us now, what are we doing? 

Stacking and piling perishable treasures. Money you cannot even spend in the grave of you died today. Stocking up on things we don’t really need while the rest of the world goes to blazes all around us. 

I will do my part to make the world a better place, will you? 

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