The Blessing of The Crisis

So I’m celebrating 3000+ followers on instagram. 

You all are too awesome. This platform is just a little over 3 months old and I’m too honored to have you with me as I chronicle my process. I celebrate every little victory that God has given me. My rough edges are being chipped off and it’s really painful sometimes, but I have to feel that pain in order to heal properly. 

Lots of times, we go through stuff and we despair because we cannot see any good coming from our bad, any light coming from our darkness, any beauty coming from our ashes; but listen here, let yourself feel. Go through that process, don’t cut it short because it is hurting you. 

My pastor, Pastor Ayo Ajani (@pastorayoajani on instagram) taught this topic on Sunday. He said that “there’s no situation cleverly planned by the devil that there’s not a way of escape. One of the greatest gifts God has given you is the opportunity to go through a process. You become anointed to preach a message you have lived. Count your problems as joy because of what you’ll become by the time you’re done with them. Your own greatest gift to the world is telling them not of your blessings, but your process.” Thank God for good pastors. This is so true. 

I thank God for victory and growth, but I’m also grateful for my journey and the opportunity to inspire others with the aspects of my life that once weighed me down. What the devil meant as weapons to destroy me, God turned around as tools to heal the world around me. I’m not ashamed of my mess because from it came my message. 

Good morning, Family, thank you for 3000plus on instagram. I love you.

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