Yo fam! Guess what I’m up to? 

No I’m not flying. šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚ I was bored at home, so I entered danfo bus and I came to the airport to look at all the feefoo twavuleen. I went to Vlisco store to price fabric I can’t afford to buy, I entered Glendora to manage and buy book, but ees too cost. I saw some lovely skirts and asked for price, nna mehn, the price slapped my cheeks left and right. The skirt costs 11500. Some people can afford it without batting an eyelid, I honestly cannot. 

I af not reach 11500 skirt level, I am still managing my Okrika wash and wear and sometimes, 5k boutique cloth. The highest amount I have ever spent on a dress I bought by myself is 7000 naira and i still protect that dress. I have learnt not to live above my means. 

Lots of young people today are in a hurry to live a flashy lifestyle that they cannot afford to impress people that they have no business impressing. I was like that once and I learnt the hard way. IT IS VANITY! 

You’ll borrow money to buy reigning cloth and next week, another design is in vogue, you’ll steal to buy car and next month, car companies have released another one, you will spend 100k for virgin hair and tomorrow, another style is reigning. Things are constantly changing. 

Work smart and work hard until you make it and you can afford the things you dream of, don’t go overboard to meet imaginary needs that you created for yourself. 

Me, I’m here, I haven’t made my hair in about 2 months, I’m not dead yet. I don’t wear makeup because I can’t afford good makeup products, who cares? Me? Nah! I’m working and saving up for the future I desire. 

Wake up and smell the coffee, the world is changing. We need smart, intelligent people with real solutions, not ladies who spread their legs for chicken feed or guys who do stupid things so they can flaunt their exteriors when their interiors are really messed up. 

Ok bye. Let me be looking at my airport people. 


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