I am single. 

You see, contrary to what feefoo tell you, being seengoo ees not a curse neither is it a stigma. So stop with the 70 days dry fasting and prayer for location of the bone of ya bone and read this post. 
The way your life is going right now, if you were a suitor, would you marry yourself? That was the question I asked myself once when I thought of marriage. Honestly, I wouldn’t even have looked at myself twice sef. 
All I had was beauty, sense I didn’t have, job nko? I didn’t have, good character? Zero! Vision? Zilch! Ambition? Nada! Did I even love myself? rara o, mba, nehi! Thank God I’m better now! 

If you don’t love yourself, how will you know if someone else loves you? This is part of the reason why people go into abusive relationships. First sign of emotions and they have leaped.


Marriage isn’t your issue. Your issue is that you need to focus on building your life. Set goals and smash them. Dream and achieve them. Be the woman or man that is so in love with yourself that anyone that walks into your life cannot help but meet your standard. Aunty, you can make ya own money and build ya own mansion. You can buy yasef ferrari sef, no man has to do that for you! Uncle, you can cook ya own meals and cleanup after yasef, no woman has to do that for you! 

Many married people don’t have real homes, all they have is a baby factory or ATM. 

Don’t you want more? 

Work on yasef! Nobody wants a liability or parasite. The people that make mistakes of marrying parasites want out already. Get to work! 

Ok bye. I’m leaving Shoprite now! 


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