The Stripper who had a dream

I’ve not posted anything about my scars in a few days, it’s because I was too ashamed to post this aspect of my story. As much as I’ve been victimized and abused, I have also done a lot of things that I’m not proud of. This story I’m about to share with you is one of these things. Nevertheless, I’m going to share it because of that person whose life this will change. 

If anyone had asked me what I did for a living sometime ago, I’d have been too ashamed to reply. I used to work every night and sleep during the day. I was a STRIPPER. I danced naked for guys and ladies and they’d stick money in my private areas. Some of them would even book private sessions with me and we’d have sex. Even though phones weren’t allowed in the club, some of these people would take pictures and videos of us, nude pictures. I’m 21 now, so you can imagine how old I was at that time. 

One time, one man was having sex with me, very old dirty man. He paid my madam 50000 naira. 50000 naira that i can make in a day right now doing legal work, that’s how much he paid to have me to himself for the night. He beat the crap out of me, he told me he likes his woman hurting while he was doing it. He also told me that he would train his daughter to never be like me. 

I was the dirty one who lost on both fronts. Who cared if I went to bed with a broken spirit? Who even knew? 

I had dreams that I had no means of achieving, when people looked at me, they saw one of two things; the girl they could use to relieve their urges or the dirty girl that no sane person should associate with. The same people who were in my bed all night didn’t even greet me if they saw me somewhere in the day. They couldn’t look beyond the dancing girl and see someone who deserved a great life. 

I had friends and colleagues who shared their dreams with me and one by one, I watched them either give up or die without achieving anything, without being anything more than a stress reliever and dumping ground. Thank God for Jesus who saved me. 

Fam, every girl deserves a better life. The 5 year old in the slums of Makoko , the 15 year old at Allen junction, the 25 year old at Kuramo beach, the 19 year old that your neighbor sleeps with. Every girl deserves a better life. This is why I’m devoting my salary and the proceeds from my business to the education of as many females as my small money can sponsor in affordable schools. I’ll also be visiting secondary schools to deliver lectures on rape and sex education. I don’t run an NGO, I just want to make my society better in my own little way. I’ll do the little I can, the question is will you? If you’d like to volunteer with your skills/resources/time, do send me a mail at,  Money isn’t everything. 

Yours sincerely, 



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