Workplace issues

So before I got this job, I was out of work for a really long time. I tried everything to find work, but kolewerk. Finally, after doing wakawaka to different places after the hot sun, after being told no vacancy several times, after submitting cv everywhere, after rejecting advances from men who said I had to sleep with them before they gave me a job, after praying, after everything, I got the job of my dreams.So the first day I resumed, that very day, I noticed that most of the financial reports were falsified and that the accounts and dates didn’t tally. I tried several times to balance them and it just wasn’t adding up. There was over 3 million naira missing. Loopholes everywhere. I immediately called the attention of my immediate superior to it, he told me that I should keep quiet about it and I shouldn’t bother my head too much. My spirit was very unsettled. I went to the overall boss and told her what I had found out. The woman started to cry. She had given them competitive salaries, accommodation, bonuses and even given one a car, yet they were robbing her without her knowledge. She called me husband right in front of me, he told her to calm down and not to let the other staff know that they now knew what they had been doing. I went home that day with peace in my heart, I didn’t get any reward, but I was happy that I had done the right thing. The next morning, I went to work early as usual and I was told that I couldn’t sit at my former desk. Long story short, I had been promoted. It was beyond my expectations. The new salary was so much better. From earning just 30k as company accountant, the new salary was such a mighty upgrade. The woman also told me that I had become a part of her family. I was really happy. I went home again that day. The third day, I came back to work again, someone else was at my table, long story short, I had a beautiful new office, I was also offered accommodation by the company. This is a house that even if I save for 10 years, I might not be able to afford it. My salary was also increased again. Then the beefing started. The guys who had falsified reports didn’t know why I got promoted. Some of them said I was sleeping with my madam’s husband or that I was her family member. When they realized that I had exposed their wickedness, my boss told me that if any of them treats me any kind of way, I should tell her and they’d be fired. They’re acting funny, Ignoring me, One deliberately tried to trip me and said issa mistake. One was singing about witches this morning. I knew he was singing about me. When they pass, they give me the evil eye… What did I do? But am I the one that asked them to falsify figures? And to think that I have the power to get them fired if I choose. Also, I didn’t beg to be promoted, I just did the right thing and I just received favor from God. The beef is just truly breaking my heart. I grew up in an unhappy environment, I have been unhappy virtually all my life. Last year, I told myself “baby girl, no more unhappy moments or environment for you, ever, you don try. Time to create happy memories and make others happy, time to be friends with happy people and when the time is right, be in the happiest relationship. ” I tried already to see if I could reason with them. They think I’m a witch apparently. I came into their domain and exposed their evil and got the boss’ admiration, something none of them could do because the boss isn’t known to be friendly with employees, yet we are on first name terms. How is it my fault that I’m freaking awesome? That God has chosen to bless me? I feel for them because even if I don’t call for their retrenchment, if they don’t take care, God will start on their cases. I’m walking back to my office. Break over. I was wearing sandals before, I’m wearing heels Now so that I can tower above them and rub it in some more, let every koi my shoe makes pepper them. 

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