Trafficking and slavery

I’ve seen all the videos about the slave trade going on in Libya and my heart is very broken. 

When I was a stripper, we had this guy that offered us a chance at a ‘better’ life. I and several other strippers all aged between 13 and 23 years, were ready to jump at his offers. You see, we used to get punished by our madam, we’d be gagged, beaten and gangraped while being recorded. It wasn’t a good way to live. I rarely talk about this period in my life because it was one of my darkest and I still cringe when I remember. We got pregnant and had the babies beaten out of our system. I watched several of my friends die and at some point, we stopped befriending each other because we were broken and tired of the losses. So this guy’s offer felt like a glimpse of heaven. He told us that we’d be nannies in Egypt and Qatar and we didn’t have to suffer anymore. Visa was free, passport was free, ticket was free, all supposedly paid for by the employers. There was a new spring in our steps when we walked.

Four girls from our group went first. I remember their faces well. They smiled and it was genuine, we hugged each other and promised to keep in touch, that was the last time I saw 3 out of that number. 

Later, my madam got wind of our escape plans and she tortured the crap out of the rest of us, two older girls ‘accidentally’ drowned at the beach. I watched them drown and I couldn’t help them. After watching that, I was too traumatized to continue considering escape. 

We didn’t hear from any of the girls for a long time, then they deported Tola, she came back to our club, but madam didn’t want her back. They beat her every night while she was there,  two of the girls were dead and she didn’t know where the third was. They forced them to sleep with animals for sport, they shaved their heads, they impregnated them and performed surgeries on them by themselves, they locked them in a room and starved them. Several other things she said, I cannot remember. Tola didn’t live very long after she came back. 

I don’t know how I survived all the things that have happened to me, God definitely has a reason for my life. 


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