Merry Christmas 

This is my first ever Merry Christmas. I am so joyful. 

Before now, I had never been happy on Christmas day. I was always sad, always hurting for one reason or the other. This Christmas is so different. 

2017 has been really good to me. This year, I went in search of grace and I found it, in abundance. I found true wealth, not the kind you find in money.  This year, I was taken on a really rough and painful journey to self discovery and purpose. Painful and rough because the path to true worth is ridden with challenges and doubt.  I had to let go of a lot of people and a lot of things, I truly broke this year. I took my worst hits and my life was threatened at some point. I really struggled with a lot of baggage and I felt like God was punishing me. Now, I realize that I had to break completely so that I could be renovated. 

This year, ‘Merry Christmas’ means a lot to me, I truly feel merry. Today, I’m not just going to give perfunctory replies to greetings and felicitations, I can respond sincerely and joyfully. I am also going to actively help others have a Merry Christmas. At the beginning of this journey, i couldn’t foresee this day. I didn’t know I could be this beautiful, joyful person. There are still times when I’m at an all time low, but hey, I made progress. 

Merry Christmas, family. Thank you so much for coming on this journey with me. 

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