How I handle sexual urges

As someone with a lot of sexual contact in her history, cutting off from illicit sex was one of the biggest challenges I faced. Scratch that. It’s one of the biggest challenges I still face.  This one issa daily battle. Everyday, I tell myself “you know what girl, no sex today or tomorrow or the day after that. ” and then I take conscious steps to make sure sex doesn’t happen. But mehn, sometimes, all these sexual demons are on full time duty. The day you are especially trying to stay sane in your lane is the day your crush will decide to call you and try to arrange a meeting. 

Here’s how I cope with sexual urges. It’s not a set in stone method and it’s not guaranteed to work for everyone, but it works for me. 

1. Talk about it. Two days ago, konji almost killed me, you know how this weather isn’t smiling. Talking about it to two of my adorable adopted sisters really helped. It made what I was feeling seem less grievous when we joked and laughed about it. 
2. Don’t stay alone. If you stay alone, you wee just die. Call your friend of the same sex and tell him/her you’re coming over. You people should go and see movies or do karaoke. Just don’t stay alone. 
3. Don’t listen to slow/sensual music. Unless you’ve made up your mind that you want to die of konji or you want to give in to it, don’t try this. Music helps set the mood. 
4. Wear tight jeans. Lol. It helped me a lot sha….  Even if I really wanted to do, pulling the jeans and wearing it back was such a discouragement. 
5. Don’t visit anyone of the opposite sex. So that we can all avoid stories that touch. 
6. Pray. I deliberately put this last. Praying in the face of a sexual temptation can be one of the wrongest moves. Flee first, then you’ll pray while you’re running. Not when you’re already in brothers house and you’re now speaking in tongues. Please who are you deceiving? 
Sexual urges are not bad, they just remind you that you’re human and your reproductive parts are functional,so don’t feel bad about them. 


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