Today, I’m battling depression 

Today, I got bad news. 

One of my closest friends slept yesterday night and she just didn’t wake up this morning. I spoke with her mother and it was so clear that the woman’s heart was broken. How do you cope with losing your only child months after you lost your husband to an attack by Fulani herdsmen? 

I have so much pain in my heart and I cannot even cry. I’m supposed to go to their house but I cannot even will myself to get up from my bed. I feel like laying down and shutting out the world. I have lost my appetite and I don’t feel like talking to anyone or being online. I know that this is the onset of depression. I have seen these signs several times before.

I am going to get up anyway and I’m going to go out. I’m going to mix with people and I’m going to go to @ignitegla youth’s program even if I don’t feel like it. When I get back home, I’m going to play beautiful, meaningful music and dance my tears away. 

Then after I’ve handled myself, I’m going to visit my Friend’s mother tomorrow. If I go right now, I wonder who will comfort each other. 

This is how I plan to overcome depression today, what’s your plan? 

P. S: if you have any other thrilling, fun ideas, please share. Who sadness epp?

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