Dont give up on relationships 

I absolutely love my R1sixteen Shirt. R1sixteen is a company that produces Tees with the word of God printed on them. In the picture below, I am wearing one of their shirts. They are quite affordable too so be sure to patronize them. You can find them at

I think I’ll wear it for the next two weeks stretch, so if you see a girl in a black tee talking about God’s love, hunnay you’ve seen me o. 
My cap is from my friend Ahmadu and it was made by 2ndadam apparel and I absolutely loveet. Thank you for gifting me this cap.
So a lot of times, your biggest challenges and disappointments will come through people but when you begin to heal, you’ll also encounter people who will hasten the healing process and make your journey much more beautiful. The devil derailed the world by using someone and God reunited the world with himself by using someone. 

What I’m trying to say is don’t give up on humanity, don’t give up on love and goodwill. Don’t give up on finding beauty in souls. It’s hard, I know, I have firsthand experience of how people can break you and negatively impact your life, but where there is a negative there is also room for a positive. 

My greatest blessings have been in the form of relationships with people who just love me in spite of everything. They know about the darkness that I’m coming from, yet they see the light in my heart. 

I’ve been blessed with real family and their love and acceptance trumps everything that I was used to before. 

So I want you to hold on to hope and love. Even if what is left of your heart is just mustard seed sized, it’s enough. 

I pray for you today that God will bless you with relationships that will positively alter the course of your life. 

You know that I love you. 


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