When you are tempted to give up, remember why you first started. 

I want to give up. I want to give up so bad. I want to delete my book off the internet, I want to burn the physical copies and just forget that I ever wrote it. I want to delete this blog and my instagram handle and just throw the idea of IDHMS into the trash; but I cannot do it. 

Today, I asked myself a question. “If you hadn’t started IDHMS, all those people whom you’ve become a beacon of light to, those children you’re training in school, those call girls who are living new, beautiful lives, those women you’ve inspired to speak their truths, those abused girls who have been rescued; who would have bridged the divide for them? Who would have stood in this space that you so effortlessly fill? ”

This vision that I have, it’s bigger than my own feelings and wants. It’s bigger than my person. I have crossed the point where I lived for me, myself and I. I now live for the empowerment and freedom of every female who suffers what I once suffered. I look forward to a generation of women that are not ashamed to tell their stories, that are not afraid of baring their scars. 

So let the arrows continue to fly, let the hate mails continue to come, In fact, let them double their efforts. 


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