About Us

This blog was born out of my desire to share my healing journey with the world. It was created to chronicle my process, to reach out to you and let you know that:

1. You are not alone: It might seem like you are alone and nobody understands your struggles or pain. I have been there before. This is why I want to hold your hands and walk this walk with you. This is why I expose my scars, so that you can realise that you really do not have to hide yours. 

2. You can have victory over pain: The pain doesn’t have to be your master, crippling you and holding you back from achieving all that you were born to achieve, you can win pain. You can delete it from your vocabulary. 

3. You are of high value: you are important, beautiful, talented and necessary for the world’s survival. The world really wouldn’t be the same without you. You have so much to do here, there’s so much we can achieve together. 

I want you to know that I’m here, you can reach out to me with your challenges and stories and share your own process with me. My contact email is on my contact page. I love you.